2D Animation

2D Animation Services is very popular and creative medium to show your thoughts effectively.. Even today 2D animation is strong medium to achieve the best outcome. Our Studio is a 2D animation Firm professional studio that offers you various types of 2D animations utilizing different software like Adobe Flash Studio and Adobe After Effects… Our professional cartoonists are best in designing skills and creating the best cartoon designs for advertising, internet and publishing productions.

We are proud to showcase our services and ways of working with our prospective clients, and help them understand our work better.


Every project starts with a script or outline. The script is the written version of the project. It is the source for all the forthcoming steps. The script usually contains the storyline, location descriptions, actions, dialogue, description of sound effects, etc. It contains all the information necessary for the artists to illustrate and animate the series or movie. The script is needed in order to transform the project into a story board. The same script is used as a dialogue for the audio recording. Finally, characters, props and locations will be designed from all of the descriptions contained in the script.


Storyboard Artists demonstrate the narrative, plan shots, and draw panels to establish action and maintain continuity between scenes. They work closely with the Director and, possibly, with the scriptwriter, Producer, client or Storyboard Supervisor, to visualize and tell the story.

They may be required to prepare the storyboards for production, including indications of dialogue, character performance and camera moves, and could be asked to produce their work either as rough or cleaned-up drawings.


Animozione specializes in character design and animation services. Our animation studio offers a wide range of 2D animation character design and animation services with a team of highly skilled 2D animators, capable of converting any character to a virtual animated character.

Our process is completely transparent, and allows you as a customer to express your ideas with complete freedom to our character design team. Our character design and animation team will also work with you to story board and plan the entire animation with your message from scratch to finish if needed. We can help deliver a show-stopping experience to your audiences by helping your message with the animation and characters we design.


We have created multiple Background designs for Games, 2D and 3D Animation Movies and Flash animation series. We have used much software to create the background which includes, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash. Each 2d background design is designed using rough sketches and then developed with colors, shades and details.


Once the background layouts are completed, they are ready to be painted. The background painter will take the final layout and paint them using the palettes created by the color stylists. Once the backgrounds are painted, they will be sent to the Scene Setup team or the Compositing team.


Once we have the Model Pack, Storyboard, Layout and Backgrounds approved we can now proceed to Animation. The animators create scenes by acting out the situations that the character in the scene requires, they based their timing and noted it down using the Exposure Sheet.


We’re not just an Animation company, we’re also a post-production house. We’ve got the training, tools and knowledge on our post production team to handle your broadcast, commercial, corporate, Explainer video editing needs with creativity, expertise and experience.


Sound effects or audio effects are artificially created or enhanced sounds, or sound processes used to emphasize artistic or other content or films, television shows, live performance, animation, video games, music, or other media.


Adding refined sound effects is one of the most difficult tasks in editing our project. Sound effects are artificially created or enhanced sounds, or sound processes used to highlight artistic or other content or films, live performance, animation, video games, music, or other media.


Animation compilation brings with it the pleasant advantage of not having any limitations. We allow creative freedom and a sense of expression to build unique designs


We at Animozione provide flash banners and flash intros for the corporate website, presentation’s multimedia content, 2D and 3D character animation etc… Flash animation services are some of the most effective ways to attract attention online. Using flash animation in your online marketing can give a more complete and descriptive picture than text or pictures can. Our experienced flash designers with modern tools and technologies are expert in developing high quality flash templates and websites to create your brand image and improve your business values.